The first slot machine was the one original one armed bandit, invented in 1887 in San Francisco by Charles Frey, a German mechanic. It goes without saying slot machines have come on along way since then and online casinos offer you many different variations from video poker to video keno right through to the simple more traditional style.

Ok why play slots online? Well for one its fairer essentially you are up against a program and as online casinos like to give better odds than Vegas casinos they simply program these games to pay out more often.

We have created an information page that offers you tips, and one that allows you to see the exact current Jackpots of the best Progressive Slots available online. You must be a real money player to play at the progressive slots and as such there is no way to practice for free. We have not created a slots rules page as each slot machine used different rules and the best way for you to find them out is to join of of the casinos on from our Progressive Jackpots page, open a real account (without this you can not download the Progressive Slots or Video Poker games, but it is FREE to do). Then download the games you are interested in and and click on help within that game this will allow you to view the rules. Make sure you read the rules for each particular game carefully before you play for real.