Keno the lottery game of the casinos. This game like any state lottery is a matter of luck, it does however provide you the opportunity to get a big windfall at a very low cost. You choose Ten from Eighty numbers If 5 or more of your numbers come up then you win. The amount you win varies from casino to casino but if all ten of your numbers come up correct you win the jackpot which is usually a very big amount indeed. The only real advice I can give on this is to avoid the obvious mistake of over betting. For example if you only have to bet $1 to win the jackpot don't bother betting $10, this may sound obvious but many people do put down bigger bids in the hope they will win more but usually that only increases the amount you win for getting just a few numbers correct and does not affect the jackpot after a point.

Keno can be played for free or for real money at Jackpot City and other online casinos.